Shaq Explains The Biggest Mistake That Anthem Protesters Made


The NBA superstar Shaq O’Neal spoke in front of the entire nation about what would’ve done if he had the chance to kneel or stand during the anthem. Shaq O’Neal made stunning statements and he made it very clear to all protesting players why should they not kneel, but change the way of protest instead if they want to change anything.

O’Neal answered that he would stand for the anthem. WildCard reports what he said on the pre-game show:

“When you do it at a moment during the National Anthem — and I know people say it’s not about the flag — but when you do it in that moment, there’s a large majority of people that say you are disrespecting the flag and they won’t even listen to your conversation,” O’Neal said.

“When you give people a choice to listen or not to listen, they’re always going to go to the excuses,”

The big NBA star explained to everyone in this country who wants to make a change, there is another way. If you’re being respectful and have true intentions, you will know how to do it and make the people hear you and respond to your call.

“When I always look at the photos of Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, they held a press conference and they made their case known. I would do it like that,” O’Neal said. “Because when you do it like, respectfully, people have no choice but to listen.”

Do you agree with Shaq O’Neal? This totally makes sense. If players want to gain the attention they need to change the narrative and change the way they express their revolt.