Roger Goodell Reveals What’s More Important Than the National Anthem


All hopes for the NFL are literally destroyed once again by Commissioner Goodell. Goodell shocked the fans once again and this man is on a rampage! After his last 2 press conferences when he was supposed to announce the NFL’s decision about the national anthem protests, Roger Goodell made the fans furious.

Later, we saw how the fans fight back. Nobody, just nobody expected that the protests started by the fans is going to become something MASSIVE.

Hundreds of thousands of NFL fans started showing their revolt in various ways. Boycott, burning sports gear and season tickets, canceling NFL TV packages etc.

The whole world expected Goodell FINALLY to say something different, to truly apologize to all Americans and to change the policy of the NFL management.

BUT, GOODELL HAD SOMETHING ELSE ON HIS MIND! Goodell actually once again confronts the fans and tries to teach them a lesson that ‘there is something more important that the flag and the anthem.’ Watch the video below:

Unbelievable. You see, the meeting wasn’t to apologize to the fans and find a mutual solution for this issue, but they’ve been working on strengthening the unity with the rogue liberals players and working on SOCIAL JUSTICE.

What the heck?! NFL is a sports league, not a political propagandist show. Are they INSANE? There is a huge minority in the USA who disagrees with the so-called ‘social justice’. It’s not social justice, but it’s a pure leftists propaganda.

Please spread this story on your social media. Now it’s the time to show to Goodell and his liberal buddies how strong this nation is. WE ARE NOT LIVING INSIDE SOROS BUBBLE ANYMORE- OBAMA AND HIS DEEP STATE HAD ALREADY FALLEN!

God bless America! We don’t even need NFL and social justice, we respect the flag of our fathers and the anthem of the free!