The NFL Boycott Is Working – Look at ALL The Empty Seats Today [PHOTOS]


BREAKING NEWS: The new NFL Sunday brings devastating news for the NFL commissioner Goodell and all leftists who supported the rogue disrespecting of the American national symbols, the flag and the anthem. Despite this, disrespecting of this NFL rule is PUNISHABLE.

Fans know these two extremely important facts and they recently started the boycott of the NFL. There already is a huge result. The boycott began with a huge revolt shown on the social media.

After that, fans started burning jerseys, team flags, even season tickets. Later, hundreds of thousands of NFL Sunday TV packages got canceled and now- EMPTY STADIUMS.

The empty stadiums are not a huge defeat for the NFL and a huge victory for the revolted and insulted fans, but a soar downer for all players because they’re used to playing in front of full arenas. Now this happens, reports RSW:


This is the new NFL reality and the elitist management of the league needs to find a good solution to bring the fans back immediately, because if this trend continues the NFL will be ‘cursed’ too soon become clearly the most unpopular and unattractive major sports league in the USA.

What do you think about this? Do you support the fans who decided to QUIT NFL? Well, it was about time. Fans were patient, they tried everything, even the President sent a warning in their name, but nothing happened. Goodell and his buddies made it even worse. Now, they need to face the consequences. This boycott will continue for sure because it’s spontaneous and MASSIVE! Please spread the good news.