Trump Walks Off Stage During a Speech, Makes One Thing & The Crowd Goes Crazy


As subjectpolitics informs, yesterday President Trump interrupted his speech to show his respect for the Hispanic-American members of the military. He walked off the stage and did something quite astonishing.

While talking about Hispanic-American soldiers decorated with the medal of honor, Trump was told by the crowd that a Hispanic-American recipient was present. Trump’s next action was greeted with cheers from the whole crowd.

You won’t see this on the news. President Trump went of the stage and shook the hand of this hero, honoring his presence at the event. He then thanked him for contributing to this country’s cause. It resulted in an eruption of cheers and applause from the crowd.

Trump noted that 60 Hispanics were decorated with the Medal of Honor and that today more than a quarter of a million Hispanics serve in the military. He then thanked everyone in the military for protecting the interests of our country.

We can only imagine how this infuriated the liberal politicians for it’s yet another argument against the unfounded accusations towards our president for being a ‘racist’ and a ‘xenophobic’. No surprise the mainstream media won’t show this.


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