Videos Show NFL Players Yelling ‘F**K You’ at Fans


The NFL madness continues! Now, the players go one level up in their disgusting and insulting behavior. They start engaging in verbal duels with fans saying words that are not supposed to be said by millionaires, players who enjoy fame and glory. They are most certainly not role models anymore, but the NFL “rebels” are becoming very unpopular and NFL is even in a messier crisis.

What happened today will ensure Commissioner Goodell that he made a HUGE mistake when he decided to defend the rogue NFL players and attack President Trump. These “oppressed” millionaires already proved him wrong and now he is supposed to explain to all of us, what makes his “poor little oppressed” social-justice warriors so angry and unprofessional?

The videos that leaked after the weekend prove that Goodell is not going to convince us in his lies. The liberal protesting players started cursing the fans. They can’t stand the pressure anymore.

The videos from Monday’s game between Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Redskins show how Terrell Pryor from the Redskins and Marcus Peters from the Chiefs are going off on fans who were yelling at them from the stands, Breitbart reports.

In the first video (gif) you can see the defensive player Marcus Peter’s reaction. This is how he responded to his fans: “F**K YOU, BI*CH!!” and he also slammed his helmet to the ground.


The second video is even more disturbing. Redskins wide receiver Terrell Pryor is totally losing it in the tunnel and we can see that he wants to go on the stands to solve the problem using his muscles. You can see that he is extremely violent and he uses the F-word including his middle finger.

Players are not supposed to do this. Fans can yell, insult, sing, cheer- they pay for the show and that’s why we call them fans-they decide what’s good and what’s bad. They pay for the action, and the players need to make them feel it. This is extremely scandalous.

Please spread this story if you want to see these two fired.