Las Vegas Teen Victim Just Shattered The Media’s Narrative On President Trump!!


This is so heartwarming… After the Las Vegas attacks, we saw literally everything on the media outlets. Most of the things we saw were horrible and terrifying. We witness once again on American soil how cruel some demons in human form can sometimes get.

Media reported about everything. We have various speculations about who may have been possibly involved in the attack, we heard different stories, we saw the reporters making scandalous statements and labeling the victims as Trump supporters and what not.

BUT, today’s report will warm everyone’s heart and bring hope to every American because TRUMP’S TRUE NATURE WAS finally exposed in front of the entire nation.

Las Vegas shooting victim was visited by President Trump. What she said about President Trump is simply amazing. This is not a lie. Watch the video below:

Reporter: Did he offer you words of comfort? Did he say anything that stands out to you? You said he was amazing, why was that?

Victim’s response was perfect:
Yeah, he was like SUPER NICE. He wasn’t who we see on social media. He was much more comforting.

She later explained that Trump’s aura, his energy, his tone of voice made her feel more comfortable.

What Trump did is very important to every victim, but not to the victims only, but to every single American. This means that he is always ready to help us and he is ONE OF US.

Trump showed maturity, dignity, respect and big compassion. Not after the Las Vegas attack only, but after everything tragic disaster that hit the US population in the past couple of months. He deserves respect!

Please spread this on Facebook and Twitter, this is huge. God bless Donald Trump and the American nation, pray for the victims, they need your prayers.