Crooked CNN Reporter Bothers Harvey Victim – WATCH All Hell Break Loose


CNN became a place where you’re able to see how cruel people can get. We’ve seen everything from the mainstream media, supporting and involvement in FLASH MOBS, fabricating fake news, partiality etc. But it hurts the most when you see how those so-called reporters are treating the people around them.

When they need(must) have a good piece to “sell” to their ignorant liberal “consumers” watching in front of their screens, they’re able to walk over dead bodies only to get it.

After Texas got hit by the strong Harvey Hurricane CNN quickly sent their reporters to bring them something “shocking” and, of course, to find some good way to compromise President Trump because, as we already know, “he’s guilty of everything”(this is a huge bonus).

One filthy CNN reporter jumped on a poor woman, obviously suffering from the cold of the floods, wet and depressed, the liberal HIENA jumps in and starts asking questions.

Oups! How the woman responded will make you respect her and hate the crooked liberal mainstream media.

“Four feet of water to get them food on the first day. Yeah. That’s a lot of s**t. But y’all sit here, trying to interview people during their worst times. Like, that’s not the smartest thing to do. Like people are really breaking down and y’all are sitting here with cameras and microphones trying to ask us what the f**l is wrong with us. And you really trying to understand with the microphone still in my face. when he’s shivering cold when my kid’s wet, and you still putting the microphone in my face!”

What do you think about this? Do you justify what this woman did and how she reacted? Some people will say she was angry, but how would you feel if you were in her place?