Look Who Just Backed President Trump and Called Sheriff Joe Arpaio a PATRIOT


BOOM! Leftists are OWNED! You won’t believe who just backed up President Trump and Joe Arpaio. The media spent the last couple of days attacking President Trump for his pardon given to a man who is a big hero- SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO.

Everything “served” by the media for the ignorant “consumers” is extremely stupid to watch and hear. After a while, Houston and Berkely riots happened, hurricane happened, and the leftists still spend their valuable time to attack Trump and Arpaio, including everybody who supports Trump’s decision.

Do you know WHY their time is so valuable? BECAUSE 2018 is coming soon! Elections are coming and a huge defeat awaits for the liberal elite. That’s why they hysterically try to discredit the new, powerful patriotic wave spreading across the country.

Jason Chaffetz is one of those brave men and women who are not afraid to speak out loud and tell their opinion despite the vicious media pressure. Believe it or not, Jason Chaffetz stands strongly behind our President’s policy and considers Joe Arpaio a real PATRIOT and a HERO.

He had an astonishing interview with FOX News in which he clearly tells what his true opinion is. He knows that he is supposed to wait for the votes of the immigrants in Utah and many others (he is out of the WH as you know), but DESPITE EVERYTHING (also knowing the fact that the media could label him a racist too), he bashed the leftists with his answer.

Do you agree with Jason Chaffetz? Let’s show this brave man our support and admiration for being honest with us by SHARING this story.

These are hard times we’re living in. We have to think rationally and escape the liberal bubble of lies and fake news stories.