Famous Artist Who Painted Obama Stepping On The Constitution Just Released Trump’s Painting – Can You See The Difference?


Jon McNaughton is becoming a world famous artist after he made a couple of AWESOME paintings explaining the true nature of President Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

McNaughton’s paintings are spreading all over the world like a wildfire. Not only in the USA, but the entire world, full of frustrated, infuriated people who can’t stand globalism and elitism.

This artist made a painting of Barack Obama with 43 presidents behind him, asking him to stop stomping on the Constitution.

The message is clear. The true American values of the old Republic are destroyed and degraded by a radical Muslim communist, disguised as a Democrat from the Soros’ state of Illinois.

ISIS ( created and “maintained” by Obama’s deep state), Antifa, Soros demagogy infiltrated in every intellectual institution, 100% control of the media, anti-Christianity, political correctness, lies, frauds, illegal immigration and WHAT NOT- that’s why Obama stepped on our Constitution like it was just a tatter.

As you can see in the painting, Bill Clinton is quite happy about this. In this painting, you have the entire American history pictured in one frame.

Well, it’s quite simple for everybody who knows the history that our country is divided since the Rothschilds established the Federal Reserve (which is a PRIVATE COMPANY) and pushed our country into a huge debt.

In other words, the USA is in constant debt to the World Bank via Federal Reserve owned by the globalists. BUT, on the other hand, WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE CONSTITUTION!

That’s why we have the 2nd Amendment, because some wise people in the past knew what is going to happen sooner or later.

After a while the artist painted another picture that you will most certailny like.

Take a look at this:

Can’t you see the difference? It’s quite obvious.

The SNAKE is the incarnation of the liberal globalists who want to divide this country, divide the whole world and rule viciously.

Please share this story everywhere. Let’s shoe admiration for this man.