Terror Attack In London, Buckingham Palace In Lockdown – Please Pray


BREAKING: THE HORROR IN EUROPE CONTINUES. London is once again the place of suffering, panic, and violence. London is one of the biggest, most important and probably the richest city in the world.

After the globalists let hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants enter the country everything changed in this city.

The ultra-liberal mayor of this city, if you remember well, said before a couple of months that in these new, modern times, everybody who lives in a big city should GET USED TO TERRORIST ATTACKS and accept them as part of the first step on the way to globalization and cultural diversity. SICK!

Today, a violent driver attacked 2 police officers with MACHETE. The attacker pulled his sword and attacked two police officers who managed to arrest him. They also called for back up and 2 police officers are wounded with minor injuries.

However, the attacker scared the tourists and huge panic wave spread across the city. After all of the terrorist attacks in Europe, that was the expected reaction from the Londoners.

The Buckingham Palace is also locked and under the highest security measures. This means that the attack may probably be caused by terrorists.

The authorities from London still have no further details except that the attacker was a male in his 20s. This is what Detective Superintendent Guy Collings said for DailyMail:

‘A man in his mid-twenties has been arrested by police after they spotted a weapon inside his car. The quick and brave actions of both officers meant that the suspect was detained very quickly. No members of the public had any interaction with this individual at the scene. He will now be questioned by detectives in police custody.’ 

He continued:

‘It is too early in this investigation to speculate any further.’ 

Pray for the police officers and pray for peace. We can only hope that the savages are not planning to start another chaotic massacre in London.

Europe is suffering… This is what happens when you are 100% liberal and you leave everything out of control.