Arizona Senator Jeff Flake Responds To Trump’s Pardon For Arpaio – THIS IS BAD


Donald Trump and his administration are struggling both with the liberal corporations (media, production, pharmaceutical) and the politicians in both federal and state government.

This happens after years of oppression by Obama’s deep state and, of course, infiltration of all ultra-liberal/globalist subjects inside all of the vital institution in the USA.

What’s even more interesting is how the liberals tried to flip the local government. Every single county is part of a larger fraud scheme orchestrated by the liberal elites.

Anyway, these facts mean only one thing- the leftists tried to install a totalitarian communist government which is going to control every segment of our society.

BUT, sometimes miracles happen. Donald Trump CRUSHED them in the election and now all of the globalist “slaves” and servants are surfacing, we can see the true face of the American liberal elite.

One of those people is the AZ Senator Jeff Flake. Flake just like most of his globalist colleagues was in a rush to condemn President Trump for his pardon on Joe Arpaio.

He said that Trump should’ve let the thing run its course. WHAT?! Why? Is that what the leftists want? YEAH, SURE.

They want to keep the status quo. They want to continue their sick propaganda of colonizing America with people coming from the third world countries, mostly Muslims and Latinos.

Well, that’s how they want to extinguish and destroy the white race in the western hemisphere. Jeff Flake is one of them.

He dared to attack Joe Arpaio calling him names, but he never EXPLAINED why is he doing that. Because Obama had laws that enable illegal criminals to live in this country like kings?

Joe Arpaio did the right thing, and Jeff Flake just determined his defeat in the upcoming election.

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