JUST IN: Soros Tries To Shut Down Trump Rally, Until Bikers for Trump Show Up


George Soros is having a big issue with the people who think differently. The main problem of all liberals is that they DON’T WANT to accept a different opinion. They want to be the ‘rulers’ and everybody who stands in their way is considered an enemy, racist, bigot etc. However, the patriots of this country will ALWAYS fight back against the “red elitism”.

Soros pulled a stunt once again against Bikers for Trump, but he made a big mistake.

Democrats from the area made a nice little conspiracy for confrontations against the bikers who gathered in Phoenix to show respect and support for President Donald Trump.

As the reports say, the liberal group called themselves “the resistance”. They didn’t want to see Trump supporters in Phoenix and they also wanted to “show their revolt” in front of Donald Trump.

However, behind this counter-rally organization stands the same man who is allegedly responsible for the Charlottesville chaos.

The website of the group says that they are a project of the Advocacy Fund. The Advocacy Fund is directly linked to the Open Society Policy Center. It’s not a secret- George Soros injected so many donations to this suspicious fund that creates domestic terrorist groups.

Of course, the Open Society Policy Center is the direct arm, the vital management institution within the Open Society Foundation.

Bikers for Trump didn’t deserve this treatement. The leftists directly insult this group with a different opinion. All of these Soros “mercenaries” need to understand that the American nation put Trump in the Oval Office. Their irredentistic and fundamentalistic rhetoric of the left need to be forgotten.

What do you think of this? Just for the record, but why you never see conservative groups making counter-protests and start violence clashes?

Even the KKK is controlled by Soros and the leftists in the swamp. They are ready to do anything for their purpose- to destroy Trump’s reputation and ratings. They’re doing a horrible job because they’re getting EXPOSED.

However, Bikers for Trump promised they are going to start a fierce resistance and they called ALL MEMBERS OF THEIR GROUP TO JOIN.

The rest is history. The leftists and Soros failed to compromise Trump and threaten the bikers.