Beloved ‘Cheers’ Actor Passes Away – Please Leave Your Prayers


Cancer is the worst enemy of the human kind these days. People die too young, some of them lose the battle too soon, some people fight until the very end. However, it’s a heavy disease that most of us don’t even want to talk about.

One of the fallen heroes in the battle with the modern plague is the famous Cheers star Jay Thomas. He lost his life after 69 years.

Jay Thomas will be always remembered by many Americans who loved seeing this man full of positive energy in front of the TV screens. He and his comedy remind us of having a quality time with our families watching him and laughing.

No more… He is gone forever. Cheers, Love & War, Murphy Brown… Thomas leaves a big and successful career behind him.

He was also a frequent guest of David Letterman. His annual football tosses will also be remembered by the fans of this show who were laughing together with Thomas and Letterman every New Year.

The fans are missing him already. Well, nobody saw this coming, but it was known that Thomas is struggling with his illness. In the past couple of years, he was more reserved, he nearly disappeared from the media and now we know the reason.

He was fighting the hardest battle possible. Let’s pray for his soul.

The new Hollywood elite can learn from guys like Jay Thomas. Let’s hope that we will see more good people like him in the future on our TV screens. May his soul rest in peace.