Breaking: Trump Officially Put An End To Highly Controversial Obama Operation – It’s Over Now


IT ENDS HERE! This was necessary and Donald Trump finally made a bold move to stop the suicidal project ran by Obama and his deep state. Actually, one of the most important operations of the previous White House administration, Operation Choke Point, a program used to cut off credit to businesses is now going to remain in history remembered as a huge mistake by the previous administration.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd shared the good news with the rest of the nation. Actually, House Republicans wanted this program to be gone as soon as possible. Of course, this communist program was totally against the GOP philosophy.

As you already know, Barack Obama dedicated his presidency in HELPING the huge corporations to hunt and kill the small and medium sized companies. The machinery of our society and our economy- the small private businesses are overly disputed by the giant corporations.

Barack Obama helped the liberal elites with his laws to disable the businesses and to CENTRALIZE the money and the power in one small group of people. That was a huge mistake and that’s ANTI-AMERICAN policy.

This is what Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd said in his open letter he just sent confirming the end of Operation Choke Point:

“All of the Department’s bank investigations conducted as part of Operation Chokepoint are now over, the initiative is no longer in effect, and it will not be undertaken again.The Department is committed to bringing enforcement actions only where warranted by the facts and the applicable law, Without regard to political preferences. This approach honors the Departments fundamental obligation to focus on the lawbreakers that deserve our undivided attention, and thereby protect the American public from fraud and other criminal activity”

With this law, as some people describe, Obama and his administration wanted to SYSTEMATICALLY get rid of some businesses that are against the agenda of the Democratic Party ( e.g. firearms dealers).

This is a great move by Trump’s administration, don’t you think?