BREAKING: She Has Just Been Arrested


It’s happening! The violent savages who decided that now it’s the right time to continue the tension and vandalism will learn their lesson. The ANTIFA domestic terrorists destroyed a Confederate statue in Durhan without having any particular reason to do that.

The statue was a historical monument, public property and they had no right to destroy something which is not offending them, but is just a reminder of our history.

One of the vandals, the protester who climb the statue and pushed it, got arrested.

We talk about a female protester who wanted to represent brutal force. Her violent group is not demanding anything, but they just want to do what they’re trained to do by Soros and his buddies.

Those people, those liberal boneheads don’t even know what they’re actually doing out there.

You can hear them screaming against racism, against cops, against Trump etc. BUT, their narrative is extremely stupid and ignorant. They don’t even know the Constitution and the laws. They are enslaved by the brainwashing media and they live in the matrix of false liberal values.

Liberals need to open their eyes. What they do is destructive and leads to building a divided and unhealthy society full of hatred, negativity, always on the edge of civil war or some similar huge mess.

We don’t need to suffer. We have everything we need as a nation. Americans have to stay united and start thinking about progressive developments of our country. Build border walls, work on our security, fix the debt, raise the GDP, improve the free market and, of course, secure more jobs- that’s what we need to focus on.

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