McCain’s Deathbed Secret Surfaces… Look What He Did to Men He Was in Captivity With


John McCain’s secrets leaked, and what you’re about to read is something that will make you feel disgusted from this man who entitled himself as the “war hero”. The people in the old days called him the songbird. His nickname explains a lot about the character of this person.

Freedom Daily made an astonishing research about John McCain’s past and most of you people will be surprised by the content of their research. John McCain most certainly is not a war hero.

He was a daddy’s boy. His Grandfather and his father were both 4-star admirals. Both of them were very influential. However, his father managed to bury everything John McCain did. He crushed USS Forrestal Aircraft Carrier on July 31, 1967, and killed 134 sailors! He wanted to make maneuvers with his plane despite the fact he was an amateur.

McCain and his father.

This case has vanished from the face of Earth. McCains daddy did a GREAT job. After a couple of years, John McCain remained trapped in Vietnam. He returned as the “War hero” and he lied about NO SURVIVORS. Some veterans reveal the sick story about “privileged” POWs released from Vietnam.

US Forrestal Aircraft Carrier

He was also called the Songbird because of his selfishness and “good” relations with the communists.

Nixon, of course, made a “nice” deal with Vietnam, but he didn’t stick to his part and probably this is the reason why so many prisoners remained lost in Vietnam.

The heavy shock comes back in 1991 when John Kerry and John McCain are appointed to become the paramount to sweeping the entire atrocity of the forgotten POWs in Vietnam under the rug.

These two played a nice part in the 1991 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs. McCain seemed like he wanted to end everything faster. As American Conservative reported he said in his memo that ‘ the transfers the bureaucracy involved out of the battlefield to Washington. According to him, the efforts to bring back the lost soldiers “would accomplish nothing but create new jobs for lawyers and turn military commanders into clerks.”

Good buddies, 1.Dec 1992 Senate POW/MIA Committee.

After this case was closed, many Vietnam veterans confronted McCain and they still called him the Songbird. This was his first serious confrontation and he called his brothers in arms charlatans, conspiracy theorists, haters etc.

Of course, there is always the presumption of innocence, but McCains actions through the years make us all believe he was a traitor. However, his case is closed and most probably John McCain will remain unpunished.

More details and the complete research HERE.

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