Driver Pulls Out a Gun, Shoots 2 Cops Before Getting a Return Bullet to his Head [Video]


COP’S BODY CAM VIDEO REVEALS THE LIVING HORROR IN LAS VEGAS. The shootout between Las Vegas Police officers and a gangster they pulled over resulted in death of the attacker.

Miguel Salas, alleged Mexican gangster of 25 years of age, on Friday attacked the police officers out of nowhere, completely unexpected right after he was called to stop his vehicle.

This man was shortly before the cops pulled him over accused and reported thief of cellphones. This man was part of an organized crime rings and he was DANGEROUS for this society.

After the police officers saw the suspicious vehicle they ordered him to step out of his vehicle. Salas argued claiming he is innocent and he tried to convince them he did nothing wrong.

“Why do you need me to step out of my car? I’m doing nothing wrong!”-Salas complained.

“Yes, you are. You’re not listening to our command. Do you want to get tased?”-the officers shout back.

After he refused to get out of the car and surrender to the cops all hell broke loose. He pulled out a gun and the shootout started. One of the cops was injured, but he was wearing a Kevlar vest, so he survived with minor injuries.

The attacker was shot in the head and he is most probably dead by now. However, these two cops survived the attack.

He was wearing 2 loaded guns .25 and .40 calibers ready to strike any moment.

We have to ask ourselves the question: Who is responsible for all of this? BLUE LIVES MATTER TOO!

The anti-police campaign which was tendentiously running for nearly a decade results with zero respect for the Police officers and, sometimes, the things get out of control.

Try to show respect and admiration for our great guardian angels by sharing this story. They deserve our respect and we have to get back to our roots and our traditional values.