‘Prepare Yourself’ Krauthammer Just Gave an Urgent Warning if President Trump Gets Impeached!



Krauthammer made an interesting, impartial and professional analysis of the actual political situation and the abuse of power of some eminent government officials who really cross the line supported by the media.

This means that they can do whatever they want just because they are under the “protection” of the mainstream media. As you can see, the mainstream media criticize President Trump only, or at least 90% of their reports on Trump are unsympathetic or negative.

That means that most of the people are living in the ‘bubble’ and have no idea what is actually going on. Maxine Waters is running an impeachment campaign against the President. They are trying to infect the nation with their own disease.

Robert Mueller is doing the same thing with his pathetic team of lawyers( all Clintonites) and his stupid prosecution. Now he has a grand jury too. So pathetic, so sad, so DESPERATE!

Krauthammer lectured all of them and sent a powerful message to the American nation:

“Collusion is unseemly but it ain’t a crime,” Krauthammer said in his interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson. “You’ve got a political establishment, mostly Democratic but there are some Republicans, that would like to see him taken out of office.”

“I think that would be a catastrophic mistake,”-Krauthammer continued, to The Hill reports.

Krauthammer continued and in his words, you can feel the disappointment and the frustration from the totalitarian government on Capitol Hill that are present in every single one of us.

“It would cause a rupture in the country where people would say, ‘When we people, the ones who have been abandoned, elect someone we like, our guy gets taken out? I thought we had a stable democracy,'”

Democracy? NO JOKE! This is pure socialism. Both parties act like one party. You have some theoretical disbalance in between but that’s all just a show for the uninformed people to think that there stll is a democratic pluralism.

Of course, there are brave patriots like Trey Gowdy or Ted Cruz and so on, but their votes change nothing in the bigger picture. They only make it look more realistic in the eyes of the nation.

That’s so sad… We need to cut their wings once and for all. Those leeches deserve nothing from this nation. We already gave them enough.

In 2018 Americans have to punish the members of the Congress. What do you think, are President Trump and his loyal followers ready to create third CONSERVATIVE, right winged political option??