‘Heads Will Roll, After Trump, Pence Is Next’-Maxine Waters Totally Lost It on The View


Maxine Waters is slowly losing her mind. The Democratic lawmaker continues her campaign for the impeachment of President Trump. Why is she doing this and what is her main purpose is very clear to all of us, but the damage she does is inevitable.

As the DC reported, Maxine Waters goes a step further now. She is not happy with Trump’s impeachment only, but she also wants Mike Pence out of the White House. Obviously, this woman is drowning in hatred and frustration. She discussed this matter with her buddies on ABC’s The View.

“Do you think Pence will be better than Trump?”- Joy Behar asked her.

“No, and when we finish with Trump we have to go after Putin.” Waters mixed up Pence with Russian President Putin. And this woman asks for someone’s impeachment…

She continued her lynch against the President calling him a “pathological liar” ( actually she is the one and only liar in this story) and she also described our president using these words: “The most deplorable person I’ve ever met in my life.”

The biggest hypocrite seating in the House demands impeachment. The media supports her and it just couldn’t get any worse than this. She was involved in money laundering, she’s living in a $4.5 million mansion(which is not even in her DISTRICT!) and she uses the worst possible socialistic rhetoric.

And what about Mike Pence? What did he do wrong? They have NOTHING on him, believe me. The man is traveling all over the world to secure a better global position for our country, while Maxine is now running the campaign against him too. He doesn’t deserve this treatment.

These double standards are destroying the American society. We need an intervention. SHARE if you agree!