Another LEAKER DOWN, Caught By The Army – Nobody Saw This Coming


You won’t believe who just got caught! The deep state seems to be more powerful than we ever thought. The elites infiltrated their assets in every single segment of our society. The US Military was not excluded.

General Mattis brought us GREAT NEWS today. Our Secretary of Defense shocked the nation after he announced that US Army soldier was caught working for ISIS. He is arrested and he is going to face the charges soon, but the damage dealt to Pentagon is invaluable.

Sgt. 1st Class Ikaika Kang was arrested Saturday night by an FBI SWAT team at Schofield Barracks in Honolulu, reports UNconservative. Kang was a member of the US Army since 2001 and he served both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ikaika Kang was under investigation for about a year. The reason for the investigation is his involvement in radical structures and also causing problems and incidents. His father, Clifford Kang revealed the shocking truth about his son.

While serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, Ikaika was studying Islam. His arrest comes right after he tried to give classified documents and a drone to undercover agents who were believed to be members of ISIS. He also leaked classified information to foreign agencies.

What’s most horrifying about this story is the fact that his soldier is part of our ARMY! THE AMERICAN ARMY. As you can see, Barack Obama and his people wanted to destroy Pentagon with their pathetic LGBT propaganda, lack of control and forcing “cultural and religious diversity”.

THE MILITARY IS NOT A JOKE! I’ve said it million times before. Let the professionals do their job. The world of the military is different. They have standards and principles that MUST be above all.

Cases like this are not a common thing in the US Military, but we should think about this little harder. Who is responsible for this? Is it the soldier, or the vicious anti-American propaganda orchestrated by the previous government?