The House Decided For a Major Trump Campaign Promise – About Time


Everything begins here. This decision will leave huge marks in the history of North America and, probably, the modern civilization. One of President Trump’s most admired promises is soon, very soon going to become a reality.

The border wall is finally voted. The House passed $1.6 billion down payment. The vote was 230-196, and it was a broader procedural vote. TheRepublicans, of course, refused to comment the vote.

After everything that happened, Donald Trump STILL succeeded to begin the building of the border wall. This will be a good injection from the budget to start the project with full power. However, Donald Trump promised that he will make the Mexicans pay for the wall.

He is going to succeed, but anyway, the building of the border wall was supposed to begin even earlier. That is a huge project that is going to bring results fast.

This money is part of a broader $788 billion bill for funding the defense and veterans programs.

Both Republicans and Democrats want to sabotage this plan. Probably, from this moment on, we shouldn’t call the leeches in the House and the Senate Reps and Dems. They are all just leeches living on the back of the taxpayer.

They did nothing except sabotaging President Trump. Huge respect for all of those loyal Patriots who respect democracy and the will of the nation.

YOU voted for that WALL. You deserve it, and Trump is doing the right thing.