Gaga Attacks Trump’s Transgender Ban, Instantly Gets DEMOLISHED by Iraqi Vet


Lady Gaga humiliated herself like never before. As you already know, the liberal propaganda is based on LIES. It’s sounds cliche, but that’s true. The liberal propaganda is supposed to dumb us all and make us ignorant, REDUNDANT citizens, just like Hillary Clinton described how she sees the American nation in her emails.

The gas for the liberal machinery are the liberal celebrities who are obeying the orders of their masters who brought them in Hollywood in the first place. On the other hand, the liberal celebrities are trapped in the matrix of disgusting liberal values and they are not able to think rationally with their own heads. LIES, LIES, AND IDIOTISM!

Lady Gaga is probably the loudest of them all. At least when it comes to the celebrities from the East Coast. Lady Gaga is a famous Trump-hater and she was always part of the violent radicals who viciously insulted the First Family and screamed for murder.

Now, that same person who wanted to see the President and the First Family butchered, now screams for equality, tolerance and understanding. She is so compassionate and caring. Just look what she Tweeted:

After she posted this, 40 thousand liberal millenials twitted ‘love’. They are so stupid obviously… Brainwashing is a dangerous thing.

AND NOW… THE RESPONSE OF THE YEAR! Iraqi veteran taught the ignorant liberal loudmouth a HARSH LESSON:

“So your solution is to give them a weapon, and send them off into combat where lives depend on mental and emotional stability under stress?”

OWNED in one sentence. These liberal celebrities have NO IDEA what is it like to be a soldier.

That is an honorable profession, but not everybody is able to join the ranks of our military.

The transgenders in the US Military was just another subversion by the deep state and the liberal elites.