SHOTS FIRED: Scaramucci Just Fired His First White House Leaker… Media Silent


What on Earth is going on with all of those liberal “journalists”?  These vicious people don’t choose a method when they’re supposed to attack and hurt individuals from the new White Hosue administration.

Believe it or not, the liberals are now targeting Sarah Huckabee Sanders. As we already said, when this powerful woman appeared in the WH press room for the very first time, the nation was IMPRESSED from the energy, the knowledge and the ambition of this young woman to PROVE that JUSTICE and  TRANSPARENCY still exist.

He literally BURIED CNN when she advised the entire nation to watch the ProjectVeritas videos. She is BRAVE and she loves this nation.

That was enough for the fraudulent and insulting leftists to launch their poisonous arrows at her.

Ira Madison, the infamous ultra-liberal loudmouth attacked Sarah Huckabee Sanders with this disgusting tweet:

What’s even worse is the fact that his followers immediately continued the disgusting ‘lynch’ against Sarah Sanders. They insulted her using awful words and comparisons like “This is Mike Huckabee in a dress!”

Sarah Sanders, obviously, is not OBSESSED with her beauty. She is more of an INTELLECTUAL type. She has some anomalies like every single one of us. NOBODY IS PERFECT.

But she accepted herself in the way she is. THAT DESERVES ADMIRATION AND RESPECT.

However, this guy, Ira Madison is a famous conservative hater. Look what he said about Mike Pence:

Well, this is EVIL. However, the new rising star in the White House, Scaramucci, posted a nice little tweet and made the liberal hater apologize for what he did.


And, of course, Ira Madison apologized. In the end, it appears that his own fans don’t really like him. However, he did a good job. Let’s hope he really learned his lesson and regrets what he said.

Because of the media pressure and his totally different approach, Scaramucci plans to make a radical change.He said on Tuesday that he plans to dismiss assistant press secretary Michael Short.

Scaramucci and Huckabee Sanders want to establish new standards in the White House PR.

Do you support what Scaramucci did? Do you like his plans for the future?