‘Get Me Away From Her!’- Watch This EPIC Woman Destroying Coward De Blasio


It doesn’t seem like the NYC Mayor De Blasio is going “to have a rest” from the media and the frustrated citizens after he showed his real face at the beginning of this month when he ran away from his city to protest against the USA in Germany.

The ultra-liberal snake De Blasio forgot his people. Or, probably, he was just following orders from his “supreme commanders”. Either way, he made a crucial mistake. Instead of mourning his police officer and helping the NYPD after everything that happened in the past couple of years, he went to a foreign country to protest against the USA and the president.

This is the result of such an ANTI-AMERICAN behavior:

De Blasio learned his lesson in this neighborhood. Vickie Paladino, the old lady who wanted to make let him know how the nation really feels. Her question was simple: “I want to know why you let your police officers down and our country down by going to Germany and protesting against our country!

The people say that he told his security to “get her away from him”. Disgusting… Just watch the video carefully- his ignorance is so frustrating. Just look at him, he doesn’t even bother to answer the poor woman, he doesn’t even try to handshake with her.

This is the true face of the liberal Democrats. They never care about people. Everything they do, they do it for themselves and their “elite ranks” only.

“I’ve had it with de Blasio! I’ve had it with the way he’s running this city. Everybody’s had it with de Blasio. I don’t think he has a friend in the city,”- Vickie Paladino told the reporters.

Do you agree with her? Our senior citizens are WAY wiser and bolder than our young folks. She’s telling the truth, don’t you think?

De Blasio is losing the next election, that’s for sure!

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