Epic Vintage Video Of Fat Al Sharpton Getting Destroyed By Real Fighter For Equality


Al Sharpton is one of the most popular Black Lives Matter activists and eminent globalist, careerist and scum.

Sharpton is a person who loves to make himself out to be the victim, the oppressed, the one who is always suffering. But the truth is different. He is just a careerist who made a huge profit on the back of the ones who really are oppressed.

In the EPIC video below you will see how fat Al Sharpton got destroyed by Roy Innis. Roy Innis, dear readers, is a real follower of MLK’s ideology and a man who fought for EQUALITY. Not for black people, not against white people, yellow or red- HE FOUGHT FOR EQUALITY.

The liberal Democrats, Al Sharpton’s masters, NEVER ever respected the black minority and they NEVER let the people of color prosper. Why? BECAUSE THEY WON’T BE ABLE TO SELL THEIR STUPID STORIES AND DIVIDE THE PEOPLE TO RULE IT EASIER.

Roy Innis, the real American patriot, and fighter for equality and freedom, who was also the National Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality since 1968. In the epic video below you will see what happened on the Morton Downey show at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY.

Racist Al Sharpton viciously spreads racism and propagates dichotomy in front of Roy Innis. He made a crucial mistake. The fun starts around 6:40, but PLEASE watch the whole video- it’s worth it.

Americans, this man deserves a medal. We have to stop the racial dichotomy. The Arabs and the African tribe lords used WHITE SLAVES for tens of thousands of years. The white people, if we follow the facts, suffered WAY MORE from slavery than the black people.

We’ve been all in the same trouble. It’s the 21th century and we have tons of information. We have to stop the racial dichotomy and UNITE against the snakes in the swamp. Those snakes want to divide America, those filthy snakes stopped the progress of the African-American people.

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