Liberal Road-Blockers Get What They Deserve- Viral Video


The ultra-liberal Western Europe is showing a low level of sympathy for diplomats, foreign citizens, presidents of foreign countries etc. These NATI-FA hooligans very often cross the line. Sometimes they have to face the consequences to learn the harsh lesson.

The video below got viral this month and this video proves that not everybody in Europe wants to be part of the liberal madness enforced by the global elites. However, the right-winged Germans and other Europeans are also oppressed by their ultra-liberal governments, so the radical leftists are always favorized.

You saw what happened at the G20 conference. You all saw what kind of trouble Melania Trump had with the horde of savages, the so-called ANTI-FA liberals.

These protests and these people are brought there by the global elites who want Trump and the likes of him gone from the face of Earth, so they can work uninterrupted on their evil conspiracies.

However, these protesters always learn their lesson. Watch the video below:

When a diplomat is in danger or he is interrupted in this way, protocolary he has the right to do this.

I guess some of our readers experienced the terror of the liberal hordes. Every man and woman have the right to protest and the right of a different opinion and freedom of speech.

But, I will say this again, my freedom ends where your freedom begins. This kind of behavior is just a method from the Soros’ system of creating frustrated, divided and angry societies.

These ‘demonstrators’ are, obviously, under the impression of the radical and brutal propaganda all over the world, especially in Western Europe and the major US cities, as well as in Australia and other places around the world.

The globalists chose their methods. They realized that they can not win with facts, nor propaganda. They try to win by pressure. It seems that their plan isn’t working.

We will apply the gas pedal! 

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