Further Updates On Bernie and Jane Sanders’ Involvement In Money Fraud


The corruption of certain members of the Democratic party is overwhelming and frustrating for most of the Americans. The leftists wanted to defocus the nation with various accusations against members of the new White House administration.

However, the liberal menaces are finally going to shut their mouths after socialist Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane Sanders was exposed for the nasty money fraud.

There is a further investigation and you deserve to know what really happened at Burlington College. You won’t like this!  These are the latest details from the investigation, according to CP:

-Jane Sanders might have purposefully lied about how much money Burlington College had to secure a $10 million loan. She said the college had $2 million in pledged donations, when in fact it had less than $1 million.

– Bernie Sanders may have used his political influence to secure the $10 million loan, which the bank approved despite the college’s obviously precarious financial state.

Jane Sanders became president of Burlington College in 2004 and she started with her policy of growing the college campus. She had an operating budget of $4 million a year.

Despite her huge budget, Jane wanted to buy a 33 acre lakefront property for $10 million, and also this project demanded few millions for renovating. When you realize that this is a small college with only 200 students, you don’t have to be an accountant to realize what’s going on here…

However, they did the UNTHINKABLE after they got exposed. BOTH OF THEM REFUSED TO TALK! They are defending themselves in silence. That’s so pathetic from a representative of the American people.

After all, Bernie Sanders and his wife were not socialists that much. It seems that they are just a classy leftists hiding behind the mask of their “compassion” for the working class, but in fact, they use this disguise only to make more money.

The investigation is strong. We can hope that Bernie and his wife will realize what’s actually going on.  Don’t let the media fool you… We are all the same before Justicia!