Sarah Huckabee Sanders Lectures Rude Liberal Reporter


Sarah Huckabee-Sanders returns more powerful than ever. This beautiful young patriot showed the arrogant mainstream media reporters where their place is. She had an intense argument with a White House reporter and the entire nation is sharing the powerful video.

Sarah Huckabee entered the WH press room with confidence and positive energy, just like she always does. However, she predicted what is actually going to happen, she knew that the liberal leftists will begin to question stupid and ridiculous questions, but she showed them who’s the boss in the house.

She called out the CNN reporters and encouraged the entire nation to watch the hidden camera footage that shows one of the CNN producers admitting who is the Netwrok working against. This producer made it clear for all of us that CNN IS FAKE NEWS. Please WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW CAREFULLY AND SHARE IT EVERYWHERE! AMERICA DESERVES TO KNOW THE TRUTH!

Reporter Brian Kerem brutally attacked Sarah Huckabee Sanders with no particular reason. He screamed at her, blaming her for spreading ANTI-MEDIA propaganda. Well, let’s make it clear, Mr. Kerem- IT’S ANTI-FAKE NEWS propaganda and it’s 100% justified.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was not afraid at all. She stroke back and destroyed the liberal loudmouth. WATCH THIS POWERFUL VIDEO( the ‘demolition’ begins at 3.20):

I think that every American deserves to read this story. These two videos are of extreme importance for our nation. WE MUST NOT REMAIN IGNORANT!

What do they want from us?! To believe their silly stories and blindly trust their lies? Is that the FREEDOM of being informed? Not at all. Please share this story in order to show your support for Sarah Huckabee Sanders! CNN IS NOT “THE MEDIA,” CNN IS FAKE NEWS!

Share this story and expose CNN fake news brainwashing factory!