This Report Shows The World Hates President Trump… The Reason Is Pathetic


The globalization and the awful liberal propaganda all around the world work perfectly. According to a report, as BTBR and other outlets reported, the only two countries out of 37 who trust Trump more than Obama with more than 80% approval ratings are Russia and Israel.

Can you believe it? The survey of 40.477 respondents in 37 countries found that confidence in the US drastically dropped at the end the rule of President Obama. As the report reads, the people are disappointed by Trump’s SELFISHNESS and not carrying about the other countries except America.

Russia, which is strictly Christian and conservative country, thinks that Trump is having the best policy thinking about his own people, or “America First” and also, for his huge commitment in destroying the liberal propaganda. The same applies to Israel.

BUT, the Western European nations, our “closest” allies, hate Trump! Spaniards, for example, have only 7% trust in President Trump compared to Barack Obama.

The liberal Europe sees Trump as arrogant, dangerous and intolerant. However, these survey is made in Europe mostly, Russia and the Middle East.

In global rankings, President Trump has 55% approval rate, but he is probably the most hated person from the USA, knowing the fact how strong the liberal propaganda is in South America and Western Europe.

The conservative countries all around the world support President Trump and they see a CHANGE, and as the report reads, they believe he is a STRONG and INDEPENDENT leader.

In the Slavic countries, ex-USSR Asian countries, India, Philippines and even Iran ( can you believe this?!) highly approve President Trump over Barack Obama.

So, the question is: Is the world changing? The conservative, traditional, Christian governments and nations are, OBVIOUSLY, confronting the liberal leftists, Soros-Rhotschield countries.

What do you think about this? Is this a result of constant liberal propaganda all around the world, especially Western Europe?

After a small research, I realized that we’ve seen NOTHING about FAKE NEWS. You have to read the Western European news outlets and see what they write about President Trump. Will give you the chills! I was DISGUSTED.

And they hate Trump because of his “AMERICA FIRST” policy… I think that we should show our President how much WE love the “AMERICA FIRST” policy and share this story EVERYWHERE!