Canadian Sniper Makes The Longest Shot In History

A Canadian Elite Special Forces Sniper made the longest incredible kill by killing off an ISIS insurgent, successfully hitting the target from an 11,319 feet distance and with that managed to completely break any record ever made in the history of the military.
The last record wasn’t nearly as accurate and victorious as this one, and it was established back in 2009 by a British Sniper Craig Harrison, who shot a Taliban terrorist with a 338 Lapua Magnum rifle at an approximate range of 8,120 feet.
Although we don’t know precise detail on when and how this amazing event happened, what we do know is that the bullet was miraculously fired from a McMillan TAC-50 rifle, and to made the record even more incredible than it is, the traveling distance of the bullet, that was about 2.14 miles, took less than 11 seconds to reach its target.
Also, It’s truly amazing how the Sniper managed to handle all the circumstances such as the wind, the distance the Earth’s curvature, and not to mention all the physical and psychological pressure he must’ve handled.
This is the chart made by Daily Mail:
The Canadians dominate the list of the world's longest confirmed sniper kills. The county's special forces are known for the skill of its snipers
Interesting right? Actually, this is a very difficult profession. You have to be a ‘doctor’. You have to be in the same time anatomist, physicist, to be extremely ready both physically and mentally, and of course, to be brave enough, to have the courage to go ‘ a step further’.
This is another graphic by Daily Mail-Whoa! This is a DISTANCE:
This is really impressive. Hats down and respect for the specialist. On the other hand, this is a great news and I hope you’re all happy to know that ISIS rat got shot somewhere.
Those people deserve punishment- to go in jail or to be terminated. We need peace and prosperity, we don’t need savages who work for some sick agendas and conspiracies.
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