Donald Trump Celebrated Father’s Day And Announced Three Important Things


Happy Father’s Day, America! This is a day to celebrate. Why? Because our president did something really awesome and exposed the liberal liars. In his first 5 months, he is probably the MOST SUCCESSFUL president in the recent American history. On the other hand, no president in the entire American history suffered this much from the treacherous liberal media.

Donald Trump spent the Father’s day morning in David Camp with his family. They had a quality time, they played sports, and despite everything that happened in the recent time,  they were ‘blasting out’ of positivity.

The most interesting thing is that Donald Trump made three awesome twitter announcements.

This is how we make America great again! Now, take a look how the mainstream media answered Trump’s call:

This is so stupid and ridiculous. After everything that happened Hillary Clinton and her liberals have 99% chance of going to JAIL.

However, Donald Trump revealed the poll results. The liberals will HATE THIS for sure. These things are simply FACTS. Despite the extreme pressure of the liberal media is such a big failure. America wants to become great again:

Obama’s day is officially ruined. Obviously, Donald Trump proved at the beginning who’s the better leader for our nation.

The lying media and the Democrats should pay more attention to what our President did in the past and what he intends to do in the future.

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