Rome Mayor Issues Ban For Muslim Refugees In Her City


ISIS is getting the pol-position on the list of the most notorious, vicious and ‘bloodthirsty’ organisations in the history of the human kind.

However, the liberal elite decided to support the LOSERS and give them everything they want. They are considered as moderate rebels fighting against regime.

First of all, Assad maybe was corrupted, but he fought for SECULAR SYRIA. Do you know what this means- NO SHARIA LAW- NO ISLAMIC PRESSURE.

Assad wanted to keep pro-western Syria, while the West brought him ISIS. That’s so sad… Barack Obama and his puppets supported and created ISIS. Many other liberal European leaders stood behind Obama and his corrupted accomplice- the globalist.

We talked a lot about the globalists and their ultra-left mission- to colonize the whole world with Muslims and Africans ( the fastest rising ethnicity and religious groups in the world) BY FORCE and MANIPULATION, to control EVERY single corporation, to have absolute and undisputed control over the media, and of course, to destroy the different cultures, religions, traditions and the good, old way of life.

These people want to make us just a number, just a bank account, just a costumer, consumer, regular citizens thrown in the chaos of the 21th century, drowned in apathy, depression and ignorance.

BUT WE FIGHT BACK! This badass mayor said it :  WE ARE AT WAR!

We’re talking about Virginia Raggi- the mayor of ROME. This city, just like the rest of liberal Europe, was STORMED by immigrants. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants entered the city. Only since 1 January 2016 over 400.000 immigrants entered the city.

Virginia Raggi made something miraculous. This woman in the heart of liberal Europe demanded MORATORIUM to the immigrant waves in her city.

She also said that she doesn’t care if she offends something with what she said. Raggi elaborated really nice how the city is overcrowded with immigrants and they are not able to secure them in any way, because the city has NO RESOURCES. More details about this big and brave move HERE.

That’s liberal logic… Waste BILLIONS of taxpayer $ to bring millions of people in your country ILLEGALLY, half of them radical Islamists and possible terrorists, you feed them, you give them money, you clothe them… What for? Share this post for this brave badass mayor and PLEASE answer my question: What for? It’s too hard for me to find the ‘logical’ liberals’ explanation, even though I know the conspiracy…

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