President Trump and Melania Visited Rep Scalise in The Hospital [Video]


Donald Trump was really shocked after what happened Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Virginia. President Trump was completely stunned after he received the news that the Whip of the House, Rep. Steve Scalise and few other people got shot on a baseball practice after the gunman( Hodgkinson, ultra leftists, socialist) approached them, asked them if they’re Republican or Democrat, and then started shooting.

Donald Trump, the media, and many experts confirmed one thing, the attacker was actually not a lunatic, but he was fed up on the actual political crisis.

We will see what’s going to happen next. The mainstream media with their corrupted liberal propaganda full of hate cause things like this shooting to happen in our society.

However, nothing is going to make Scalise feel better except our strong prayers. He is in a critical condition after he had a surgery outside Washington D.C., but now he is resting on a special care in Medstar Washington Medical Center.

President Trump and the First Lady Melania visited the poor Scalise who’s still fighting for his life, but according to the media and the President- Scalise is winning!

Scalise is a good friend friend of Donald Trump, he is also a father and you will see something touching below:


Poor Steve Scalise. He didn’t deserve this. However, I will ask all of you to send him your thoughts and your prayers. He needs us now… This is a man who lives quiet life with his family, he is a great professional and it’s completely absurd this kind of man to die just because he is part of the Republican Party.

Share this post and pray for Scalise! May God help him and protect him!