Explosion In Kindergarten- 7 Dead More Than 60 Injured



Something horrible happened after a huge explosion blasted at kindergarten in Fengxian, Eastern China. This was a huge shock for the entire world and the people demand answers and want to know what on Earth is happening around the world these days?

When I first saw the news I was pretty sure that this looks like a classic terrorist attack, but the Chinese government still remain silent. They claim that after the huge explosion blasted all over the entrance, the fire affected the gas-pipes and, as the experts say, God saved hundreds more from dying.

“About 5pm, we heard a blast and thought it might have been a gas explosion at a nearby food vendor,” a local shop owner said, according to PatriotBeacon. “Many people could be dead.”



Are you’re asking yourselves why is this important for our country? It’s important for the entire human race. According to researches, attacks on kindergartens becomes a common thing in China.

Many young Chinese citizens, who are DISAPPOINTED and angry at the SOCIETY or the political system, they decide to take a REVENGE against the society, killing innocent people.

The point is: the liberal fascism and the globalists  created ‘pleasant atmosphere and environment” for TERRORISM. Terrorist attack happened in our country Wednesday in Virginia.

The media instead of criticizing the crazy gunman and the sick liberal propaganda, protected the attacker, claiming that he was ‘disappointed’. The liberals in Europe think that terrorist attacks are ‘common’ thing in every bigger city.

People, this is PURE EVIL! Share this post if you LOVE HUMANITY despite everything and want all of those sick terrorist attacks to end once and for all! Pray for the victims- they deserve! Every good Christian should fight against the imminent evil in this world with prayers and thoughts even for the people who are not close to us, but they SUFFER in pain!