Nancy Pelosi Makes Unexpected Prayer For President Trump That Got Everyone’s Attention


Sometimes, even the biggest rivals are getting sensitive. What happened today was a clear sign that something really wrong is happening in our country.

This was the red alert. The liberals enjoy their fake ‘play’ in which they describe themselves as freedom fighters demanding poetic justice.

Everything was fine until we realized how the hatred in our society can turn lethal at any moment, so unpredictable. Nobody is safe, even such important figures as staffers from the Congress and the House Whip himself became target of the violent individuals who want to find their own ‘valve’ to ‘release’ their inner frustration.

Do we need more blood spilled? I don’t think so. Nancy Pelosi may be a mean and corrupted liberal, but trust me, this has nothing to do with her. I knew that as every other liberal, of course, is a really shady person, but this time she showed compassion as she looked also horrified by what happened Wednesday.

We are all made of flash, bones and soul. Nancy Pelosi sent powerful and so unexpected message to Donald Trump and his family.


Many people are asking at the moment if she was honest and sincere. I am always an optimist. I want to believe in the good nature and the bright side of the human soul.

President Donald Trump sent a positive message back to Nancy Pelosi. This is what our President Said acc. to WolrdPoliticus:

“We are strongest when we are unified and work together for the common good,”

Is this a step forward? Were all of the blood spilled and all of the drama enough for Pelosi to start behave like a normal human being?

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