Powerful Biker Parade In Washington DC To Honor The Abandoned Vietnam War Veterans


Today was a GREAT DAY! Today we saw that patriotism still exists in the USA and it’s stronger, way stronger than the poisonous liberal propaganda.

Thousands and thousands of motorcyclists from all over the USA entered Washington D.C. in the most glamourous possible way. These brave American patriots decided that it’s finally the time to show some power and dignity.

We have to pay respect to the people who died for our freedom. The brave heroes must not remain buried in history, but we have to celebrate their unselfish service for our country.

Today the bikers honored the 30th anniversary of the demonstration meant “to educate, facilitate, and never forger-service members that were abandoned after the Vietnam War”- reports Breitbart.
However, this was an excellent performance of respect, love, and admiration to all of our veterans and heroes from the Vietnam War. These people suffered enough for the country. The American people NEVER forgot them. Sometimes, the politicians chose wrong policies over the fundamental for our society. Anyway, these heroes will be always remembered.

Now, take a closer look- this is truly amazing:

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