Donna Brazile Doesn’t Want Snooping Into Seth Rich’s Case


Donna Brazille is a woman who knows how the things work in the highest echelons of the liberal elites. This woman gave Hillary Clinton the questions of the presidential debate with Donald Trump. Dona Brazille is completely compromised because of her deep connections with Hillary Clinton.

But she obviously picked her side and she is not willing to change her mind. If you remember well, Seth Rich’s private investigation is led by Rod Wheeler. This man destroyed the liberal agenda and the liberals’ lies. Seth Rich was coordinating his actions with the other patriots from the deep web. Right before he was murdered he sent over 30k emails to WIKILEAKS.

I was talking a lot about this topic since the liberals launched the notorious lie that Russians hacked the election and compromised Hillary Clinton. My colleague, George C. was also defending the same thesis that the Democrats story is totally fake.

We always supported and we will always support the thesis that American PATRIOTS leaked the emails. You know, everybody has a ‘boiling point’. Sometimes, NO MONEY or POWER can buy a human soul. Seth Rich, and I believe many other American patriots, were unable to let Hillary get away with her crimes, and become a president.

However, let’s get back to the report, our regular readers know our philosophy and ideology very well. But the point of the review was to see that the ‘conservative conspiracies’ are not conspirative at all!

Donna Brazille, dear readers, protested and called the police and Rich’s family because she was revolted WHY Red Wheeler is ‘SNOOPING’ into Rich’s death, reports WND.

“The high-ranking DNC official that called the police after I inquired about Rich’s case was Donna Brazile,” veteran homicide detective Rod Wheeler told WND, according to CF. “Why shouldn’t I reveal who it was?”

However, this is a serious case. The DNC and all of the officials said that he was killed because of a ‘robbery’. But the interesting fact is that NOTHING valuable was missing. He had everything on him, which makes this a classic assassination.

The media is TOTALLY SILENT about this case. They ignore it. Yesterday we reported about how FOX News removed their story because it was ILLITERATE.

The liberals always strike like that and use their excuses. They want to shut all of us because, according to them, all of us conservative bloggers and writers are not literate enough, we don’t speak English very well, we are a source of fake news etc. LIES AND LIES!

On the other hand, who cares if it’s literate or not- we need the truth! Our illiterate, redneck, stupid, ugly TRUTH worths more than their literate, elegant, beautiful and soft LIES.

Just look what Sean Hannity posted on this- people, we really need to spread the word. We really need to see what happened with Seth Rich.

We have to beat them now! SHARE THIS POST with everybody and spread the word. WE MUST NOT BE IGNORANT! WE HAVE TO BEAT THE SNAKE!