Melania Trump Receives Ovations After She Entered Vatican


There is a huge difference between Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. Our former First Lady was always supposed to show a class and represent our country in the best possible way, but she failed to do that and she is still embarrassing our country. While she was having her vacation in Italy, she disrespected the Italian tradition and the people showed who deserves their respect.

It’s Melania, of course. After Donald Trump arrived in Vatican, the Italians went crazy about our President and the First Family. His daughter Ivanka and his wife Melania were dressed properly and they showed what does it mean to respect a religion, tradition, and culture.

Melania respected the Vatican dress code and she wore all black with a beautiful veil. She also showed her strong language skills as she talked with Pope Francis in Italian. She was AMAZING as always.

Pope Francis made a joke. He asked Melania what does she feed her husband with, he asked her if she gives him Potica- which is a traditional and beautiful Slovenian desert. They both laughed and she made a pleasant atmosphere. She is just amazing and the people in Vatican also showed how much they respect President Trump and his mission to bring peace in the world:

Our former First Lady Michelle, for instance, wanted to impress her liberal fans with very liberal and disrespecting creation. She was naked more than it is allowed to be in the sacred places across Italy. However, she is having a million dollar vacation, so she feels free do  to whatever she wants and wear whatever she likes.


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