Melania And Ivanka Trump Honored By Saudi Arabia


Donald Trump is one of the greatest American leaders in the modern American history. The liberal elites wanted to make a fake picture of Donald Trump. They thought that we are all stupid enough to be part of their ridiculous propaganda. They were so wrong!

America is now awake. We have tons of information and we are able to think and judge with our own heads.

What’s the worst part of their ideology is their constant attempt to divide the people in the USA and the entire world. They want to divide us for our religious views, for our tradition, for our sexual orientation etc. If it wasn’t about the liberals’ propaganda based on frustration, no one would ever care about who is gay or straight, black or white, Muslim or Christian.

Our REPUBLICAN ideology of USA after the civil war is based on RELIGIOUS values. That means that’s in our code to respect religion, tradition and culture, just as much as FREE WILL.

But their oppression and lies end here. In Saudi Arabia, the Muslim people spread the truth about Ivanka or Melania. The Trumps respected the Islamic tradition and culture, they even dance together with the Arabian King.

The Muslim people around the world ‘STROKE BACK’ in the best possible way. Now, because we respected their culture and their tradition they know how to respect ours. Look what they said about Melania and Ivanka Trump, as well as our President and his team.


As you can see, these people love Melania and Ivanka, they are attracted by their beauty and originality. They really SHINE-we have glamorous First Lady and First Daughter.

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