Huge Victory For America Against ISIS-Mattis Announced The New Plan Against ISIS


America is at war with ISIS. We can finally say it and feel proud! Barack Obama and the previous administration were ignorant about this big issue.

Later, we all concluded that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the deep state funded ISIS  and supported the radical Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists in the Middle East.

General Mattis and his people showed a different approach. Our military will finally be able to show the American super-power. You remember the Mother Of All Bombs? That was just the beginning.

You think that we’ve seen it all? You’re making a big mistake! Liberty Writers News reports about Mattis’ AMAZING press conference today. America is VICTORIOUS! ISIS are going to be destroyed and he briefed about it:

  • We are currently working on taking down the ISIS capital of Raqqa once-and-for-all.

  • Authority has been delegated to generals so they can make timely decisions without needing to call Washington first

  • The military is now surrounding ISIS to eliminate them instead of Obama’s strategy of spreading them out until the give up

  • We have gotten funds and resources from Arab countries and Europe we didn’t have before

  • We have surrounded and captured multiple ISIS-held cities across the region


General Mattis just announced the greatest military campaign in recent time. This new tactic will result in total destruction of the ISIS forces. They are not going to get away this time.

The Russians and the other forces who fight ISIS should be more coordinated. The Syrian government showed immaturity. They are not reliable. However, we don’t need their help. It will be good if they don’t interrupt our job.

The ISIS forces are now driven out of their city ‘bastions’. They are now moving in the mountain areas and they hide from our troops. Now it’s the time to surround them and eliminate every single one of them, wipe them all from the face of Earth. How do you like this plan? Sounds awesome, right?