University President Suspected Of $175 Million Fraud


The liberal Democrats are real masters of manipulation and fraud. It’s all about money, prestige, and power. The liberal elites are always recruiting people who are easy controlled, manipulated and GREEDY.

The liberal elites search for egoistic people, with suspicious background and careerist agenda. The best plays to search for this kind of people is the Democratic Party. At least the history says so. However, the liberal elites are finally running their deep state.

What’s also interesting is that many University Presidents are part of some kind of larger scheme of MONEY LAUNDERING. FOX News reported a BOMBSHELL today.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said that there will be an opened investigation on the University of California after a state audit claimed that University President Janet Napolitano kept a secret fund of $175 million from raising funds for students.

Attorney Beccera on March 9th announced that he is not going to ask for arrests or more strict investigation because he trusted that Janet Napolitano will finally come with facts and evidence.

However, nothing of that happened. On the other hand, the same thing happened with Bernie Sanders’ wife. She was President of Burlington College and she made a real fortune there. The Democratic bureacracy, of course, let her get away with her crimes.

So, my question here is : Isn’t this becoming a SYMPTOMATIC ilness of the Liberal Democrats?

It is simply unimaginable how many important officials are involved in various crimes. These people are making money on the back of the taxpayer. That is so unfair!

On the other hand, Trey Gowdy and the likes of him were called “lunatics” or “conspiracy theorists”. NOW WHAT?

As you can see the whole truth is going to be revealed soon… The JUSTICE always prevails- remeber that. America is a country based on STRONG VALUES. Corruption is not one of those!