James Clapper Testifies Wrong -Assange Proves Instantly

On the Yesterday’s Senate hearing, James Clapper made it clear that Donald Trump is innocent, but they spied on him anyway. However, Clapper had a disgusting alibi and he thinks we are all blind and deaf, the thinks we are all stupid to believe what he said.

on the hearing, James Clapper started again to defend himself using the ridiculous claims that Russian hackers stand behind Assange’s leaks. That is nonsense! However, Julian Assange published something that shut Clapper’s mouth.

Clapper claims that there were no GOP leaks. Clapper said that his ‘fictional Russian spies’ spied on both GOP and Democrat members, but there was no release of GOP material.

Jilian Assange has had enough. He shut Clapper’s lies into a blink of an eye.

Clapper knows everything very well, but he wants an alibi for his illegal surveillance on Donald Trump. The leftists thought that Hillary is going to win, so they did terrible thinks that are a national security matter.

However, the former CIA director did a great job for the mainstream media. Now, the fake news factories are able to spin the stupid ‘Russian hackers’ story. They will, of course, ignore the fact that the CIA spied on DONALD TRUMP- THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

That is a serious issue for our national security. That means that the CIA is full of rogue agents and led by extremely corrupted and partial people.


These claims and sick accusations hurt the feelings of all Trump voters. It was obvious that Trump is going to be the winner despite the fabricated polls published by the mainstream media. I felt the energy, I felt something powerful-Americans united and strong, ready to stand behind the man who really wants to change something and protect this country.

Now we know everything. The brainwashing ends here. America’s best days are yet to come.