Reince Priebus Talks Live On ABC About Trump’s Intentions To Change The Libel Laws


ABC tried to play their dirty game again by inviting a WH official with one purpose- to discredit and compromise the President. But, as usual, they failed even harder than before, destroyed by the magnificent Reince Priebus.

The host-Jonathan Karl asked Priebus something really important- what about Trump’s threats to change the law and SUE the irresponsible mainstream media stations, finding them accountable for creating a real MESS in our society and spreading FAKE NEWS.

Priebus had an excellent answer.He said Donald Trump will probably change the Libel Laws so EVERYONE can sue the lying media.

Priebus looked really confident when he told Karl: “I think it’s something we have looked at, and how that gets executed or whether that goes anywhere is a different story. I think this is a frustration of unnamed sources of things that the FBI has told me personally is complete BS, written in a newspaper article, in my office, one on one, this, there, is not true.”– Priebus wanted to pay more attention to the so-called ‘anonymous sources’ that BELIEVE IT OR NOT work for the FBI.

If we stick to the thesis that Trump always does what he promises ( at least he does EVERYTHING in his power to ‘finish his job’), that means the liberal crooked media should find a way how to cover their tracks because TRUMP IS COMING!

In the video below you will see that he ALREADY announced this plan, long time before he entered the Oval Office. Take a look:

What do you think, people: Is Trump going to WIN this battle against the corrupted liberal media? Will you support the change of the libel laws?  If this happens, that would be a DECISIVE victory for the patriots against the liberal brainwashing.

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