FBI Goes After Bernie Sanders’ Wife


BREAKING: Bernie Sanders’ wife is suspected of a HUGE crime in Burlington College where she was a college president. The nation is shocked after FBI is going after Sanders’ wife- Jane Sanders.

Actually, this is quite a common thing by which liberals are known- money laundering and financial fraud.

FTDigger reported that a former Burlington college employee who was cooperating with FBI confirmed this Sunday that agents were looking into a land deal controlled directly by former college president Jane Sanders.

The officials refused to make a comment about the substance of their investigation, but the college board members speculated that the investigation ‘orbits’ around the purchase of 33 acres of prime lakefront property. The former employee, Coralee Holm made his statement: “They were asking for documentation about the fundraising that had occurred before the college had moved to its new location.”

The situation is getting worse on the same site- VTDigger previously reported that Sanders used the donations to secure a loan from People’s United Bank. The bank reports that in 2010 the college had $2.6 million in pledged donations to support the purchase of the former Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington property. THE COLLEGE, on the other hand, REPORTED THAT BETWEEN 2010 TO 2014 RECEIVED ONLY $676.00 IN DONATIONS.

As you can see, the liberal elites do their job in quiet, quite a pleasant atmosphere. BUT NOT ANYMORE! Trump rules now, and that means their crimes slowly, but surely, will surface sooner or later.

I just can’t understand WHY Obama, the self-proclaimed SOCIALIST, and his administration let criminal activities of THIS proportion to go unpunished. Let us all hope that the people of this country are not going to tolerate those liberal crime-lords anymore.

We are all same before the law- or at least we thought so… Knowing the fact that Hillary is still free, and so many liberal criminals are still unpunished- this means that WE REALLY HAVE TO CHANGE SOMETHING IN OUR JUDICIARY SYSTEM!