Elizabeth Warren Wants To See’Republicans Cut Open’ -This Is Really Insulting


The rhetoric use by the liberal leftists is way above DISGRACEFUL. The elites from the USA simply know nothing about respect, correctness or honor. Those elites are driven by the huge frustration after their biggest plan to dominate the world is falling down.

Donald Trump is a living proof that the FREE PEOPLE of America won the war against the liberal oppressors. However, there are still ‘insane’ individuals like Elizabeth Warren who cross the line of polite behavior and intellectualism.

In this post, you can see what happens after sore liberal loser can’t keep rationality. The liberals’ rhetoric as I already said, is just a pure example of their aspirations to manipulate and control the world- that is the RACISM of the 21th century. They feel superior to the rest of the world and they don’t mind showing their ‘power’ during their ridiculous speeches.

Just look what Elizabeth Warren said… Disgusting…

“I hope they leave their bodies to science. I would like to cut them open”– These words are said by this liberal snake during an event in Chicago on Saturday.-“God, what planet they live on?” She continued with her insulting rhetoric.

This is not a joke… If you’re asking to me, the liberal leftists intentionally MURDERED so many people on Earth, their jokes should be rather taken seriously.