Ann Coulter Wins An Argument Against Liberal Journalist


Ann Coulter has a unique view on many crucial questions about our country. In this article, you have to see her review of the actual immigrant situation in the USA and the entire world.

Ann Coulter became even more famous after she published her book ‘ADIOS AMERICA’ in which she explains many important things about the average American.

The liberal mainstream media, of course, ignores this issue, and even worse, they support the illegal immigration. The globalists tried to enforce the destruction of the national states as they want to create NEW WORLD ORDER.

That means EVERYTHING they do is dedicated to their final goal- to control everything and own everything. As I said many times before, LIBERALS ARE RACISTS. They find themselves SUPERIOR over the rest of the people who doesn’t share their beliefs.

They use the radical or even anarchistic structures like Radical Islamic Org. or the South American criminal societies to compromise the existence of the USA as a country. They tend to DESTROY our tradition, fear/respect of God, spirituality, family values etc.

In the VIDEO below you can see how Ann Coulter BASHES the leftists over their WRONG and TREACHEROUS POLICY.  She speaks with  Jorge Ramos- liberal pro-immigrant journalists who BOWED before Ann’s knowledge and professionalism.

What’s also interesting for these ELITES is the fact that they SET UP world ‘trends’. They used the MSM and all of those worldwide famous Hollywood celebrities to spread their evil SINFUL ideology and corrupt the people, especially the youth.

As you can see, the liberal journalists are so UNPROFESSIONAL because they are unable to accept the truth. All they know is follow orders from ‘above’.

However, the free people of America found out what happens log time ago. No more manipulation, but RESISTANCE. Trump’s presidency is the living proof of the latest HUGE victory over the liberal elites. God BLESS AMERICA AND OUR PRESIDENT! NEVER GIVE IN!