Obama’s Official Claims That Obama Lied About The Global Warming


This is a really interesting article. Most of us, believe that the Earth is getting warmer and warmer each year. At least, that’s what THEY want us to believe. Before making this research, I also thought that our planet is in HUGE danger.

BUT I WAS WRONG! It was just a liberal “made up” story and top Obama’s officials just proved it!

Actually, Barry Obama and his sponsors wanted to create fake panic-state of our society, economy, and science. Why? Money and Power- as always. I wouldn’t like to get conspirative because we have an actual situation there, the former-President of the strongest country in the world is snitch by his own people who prove that he manipulated the entire world with his lies. That’s so sick on its own!

Steve Koonin was the man who stepped up and exposed Obama’s treason. He is accusing Obama of fabricating scientific evidence proving “climate change”.

“What you saw coming out of the press releases about climate data, climate analysis, was, I’d say, misleading, sometimes just wrong.”– This is what Koonin said for Wall Street Journal.

Koonin said that actually there was a real project by NASA and the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), but in the end, all of those people decided to storm the press with lies because Obama and his administration needed a favor. He is not the only one. The mainstream media was used in the dirtiest way this February to hide the truth about Dr. John Bates. Dr. John Bates, in fact, TESTIFIED before a House Committee on the same case.

The scientists claimed that NOAA was manipulating data and misled the press. According to him, “the Karl study” was not a scientific project AT ALL. It was just a vital part of Obama’s liberal agenda.

The former POTUS, obviously, is a man who’s drowning and drowning in lies.  However, we all remember what his purpose is- he lied because he was UNABLE to reach the North Pole because he was more interested working for the NWO instead of working for the USA.

He pushed us into a HUGE DEBT because he made the CORPORATIONS richer and more powerful than ever. On the other hand, the sneaky Russians DRAIN the North Pole and its goods. GUESS WHAT- THE ICEBERGS DON’T MELT!

Obama stopped the progress of this country for 10 years. Let’s hope that Trump will make America great again- it will be a tough mission after we saw how many traitors are there in the highest political, cultural, science institutions.